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Thoughts on decisionmaking

When you need to decide between the better of two evils, which do you choose and how? For me, I put off my decision-making till the last minute possible, (I do give myself a logical and feasible deadline till which to put off, though) think over it, dream about it and sleep over it…..then let…

Writing in the zone

Some days, when I am just sitting around scribbling, I go into what I have come to call my “zone”, for want of a better word. It is a time when, if left undisturbed, I can produce reams and reams of meaningful, creative, imaginative work. But since like all of us I work in a…

Writing on MacBook Air

Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air today. I was talking about it just the other day, and inwardly regretting getting my MacBook…..I so wanted an ultra-light laptop(woweeee, great for my back while I travel), which I could use happily anywhere without being terrified of virus attacks. Writing while on the move has been always a habit…

Writing Ideas from a Digital Photo Frame

Too much of technology in our modern lives: from the cell phone, the MP3 players, the media players: there is just too much input to process, at least for me.

But there is one piece of technology I have come to really appreciate in the last few days: and that, surprisingly, is the Digital Photo Frame.