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Sad news

My dad in law has passed on last night. I am rushing home now, logging this in from the Singapore Airport. I will be here only intermittently from now on, till the 2nd week of March. I will miss you all. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn StumbleUpon Email WhatsApp

Writing with a View

While at my writing desk I have often wondered about the sort of view writers have from their desks when they write. It really makes me curious as read bloggers describing biting winters, flurries of snow, or walks by the bay, as to what it really looks like from where they write. Is there a…

Writing Inspired by a Digital Camera

How to Use a Digital Camera to Inspire WritingI have often been stuck for a writing prompt. Some days, the words would not come.I suppose it is the same with everyone, and like me, each of us tries to find inspiration in the things around us. This is where I find that my gallery of…