Writing personally versus professionally

Most writers write for professional reasons, but then there are an overwhelming lot of people who dabble in writing due to personal reasons. Writing for them is a catharsis, a purging of pain from the soul, a detoxification of the spirit.

There are times when a professional writer may be forced by a crisis of the soul or of physical circumstances to resort to writing as personal catharsis. The results are sometimes masterpieces of creative art or incoherent rantings.  I suppose the quality of the cathartic product depends on the quality of the writer!

Sometimes when I am tempted to rant, I give in to it. I then preserve what I write. It is interesting to read them after much time has passed. Some seem hilarious after a time, other puerile, and some still move me to tears, even after years have passed.

It is the last which have the potential to inspire  for some true writing.

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