On thoughts of acceptance

It is a tough call: to accept or to fight? When life hands you a raw deal, what do you do? Fight, of course. Fight and let consequences take care of themselves. But what if no matter how you fight, what you do, and how much you strive, the situation will not change: when everything is well and truly beyond your control?

I vote for fighting. I am a fighter, and the religion of a fighter is to fight, fight till the last breath, till the last drop of blood. 

Acceptance is not for me. 

In the middle of one of the important scenes of one of my stories, the protagonist decides to thumb his nose at the death of his friend, and does not accept the passing. He slowly descends into depression, and finally madness. I am very tempted to give the story a different ending, to give the hero a sense of acceptance, of wisdom beyond death, but I finally think I will not.


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