Writing About Lost Words

On how I lost my writingWriting a 1000 words a day is no joke, and yesterday I wrote 2000. I was ecstatic, I was beyond happy.

I liked what I’d written after a long, long time.

When I started on my 1000 words today, I was stumbling, and finally ended up in the direction of 500. I realized torrential writing is not an everyday affair.

When I went to save it, I realized one more thing: I had not saved the 2000 words I wrote yesterday.

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  1. rick mobbs

    No, you won’t get the words back in those particular combinations. But they have fallen back inside you, like rain, nourishing rain. Something will grow out of them. I lose so many. I have to trust that.

  2. damyantig

    um, Kat, they are LOST. I tried re-writing them, but guess what, it came out all phony and lousy and not like what I wrote the first time.

    Good part is it has thrown me into writing with a vengeance!

  3. katcampbell

    There’s a difference between not saving and lost…please say those 2,000 words aren’t LOST. Arrgghhhh….that kind of a thing is enough to throw me into writer’s block.

  4. 365pwords

    1000 is a lot of words. My USP is writing every day on one word that begins with the letter P – however much or little I have to say. Anything to keep me writing.

    Keep writing!

    Excellent notion! Maybe I will start a blog on a letter too:0)

  5. Lofter

    That would be enough to make me cry. Then again, too many tears aren’t a good thing either.
    Thanks for your visit/comment on my blog. I hope finding your comments will become a regular part of my daily 1000 words.
    Of course, my daily 1000 words are usually in the form of a photograph. As we all know, a picture is worth… 🙂

    Thanks, Loft:)

    I would keep coming to your blogs, to see what else you can’t stop making other than beds!

    The way I am going, I shall go the picture way soon:)

  6. DarcKnyt


    I’m sorry, Damyanti. I know how frustrating that can be.

    Thanks, Darc, am recovering now, and writing the next 1000:)