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Writing on Ironic Juxtaposition

Writing technique: Ironic juxtaposition I was flipping through “Madame Bovary”, written by Gustave Flaubert, when something struck me about a particular dialog. Rodolphe, a confirmed cad and runner-after-women is trying to seduce the pretty and bored wife of a country doctor, Emma. The venue is an agricultural fair, and I am struck by how Flaubert…

Writing About not Writing a Rant

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, letting my characters do all the dirty work, the rants and so on.

But, like my writing teacher says, when I am writing, I am acting out the part of someone else.

Does it really matter where I get the dialogs and emotions from? Nah.

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!! I can blog again:)

Writing, blogging, browsing, all of these had just disappeared from my life for about a little more than a month. It seemed like ages.

Yesterday, a tall, wiry guy came in, and within half an hour, turned my life to normal. Oh, the joys of a continuous, fast internet connection!

Fiction Writing: Playing the Waiting Game

Writing Fiction: Using the Right brain and the Left brainMy creative writing teacher has been echoing in each class the value of waiting. Of waiting for an ending to come to you when a story is going nowhere. Of waiting for a period to read the story again to see if it is worth sending…