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Write-as-you-think journal entry after a long time

Writing a journal seems to be a favorite preoccupation for people, cos it is one of the top searches that lands people on this blog. Even though I have not mentioned the word “journal” in quite some time now. Maybe it is just students with journal assignments?

Writing about being tired

I am just SO tired today…..writing, writing, and more writing.

I have really been wanting to post all day, but what with writing frothing in my head, falling all over my shoulders and flopping about my feet, I have not got down to it.

Writing about Freelance Writing Charges

Tips to Decide Freelance Writing Rates Writing comes easily to a good writer, but “freelance writing” is rarely about writing alone. If you are a freelance writer, you have to do more than write: find clients, send queries and samples, chase payments. In the course of doing these “non-writing” jobs, a newbie writer’s first question…