Writing about being tired

tired with writing

I am just SO tired today…..writing, writing, and more writing.

I have really been wanting to post all day, but what with writing frothing in my head, falling all over my shoulders and flopping about my feet, I have not got down to it.

Maybe tomorrow?

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  1. pieceofpie

    i had to come back to yr blog and say hello… thank you for your comments *smiling* never knew changing a blog format could be so, so, so well, not unnerving, but sorta like anxiety… new to the blog world.. when does one get old? after a year… oh dear… sorta got tired of the look… feel different than now… like the dark … glad i came back b/c i can so relate to the writing flopping and frothing… and just b/c i do feel that way force myself to write and let it go, spread the wings and fly… like yr other blog as well… i shall be lurking as well… blessings…

  2. Ovidia

    at least you’re writing! Thanks for posting that lovely limp cat-kettle-bird pic (makes me wonder what went on to so tire out kitty!) to keep us going…

    & like darcknyt says, we look forward (me not so patient, though) to your return!

  3. Lofter

    Take a break. Hop over to my blog, kick off your shoes, listen to a bit of U2 and relax for a while. We’ll be here. 😀

  4. DarcKnyt

    If you’re writing, then that’s the most important thing, Damyanti. We will patiently wait for your return. 🙂

    Happy musing. 🙂