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Writing about You and the House

I have been writing about speed-writing, and also about writing a lot of crap.

Last week, I gave myself a writing prompt of 5 words: abandoned, nurture, trimming, silently, cupboards, and clocked ten minutes on the countdown timer on my cellphone. Now that I go back to it after a few days, I don’t hate it so much, so I thought I will post it here:

Writing about writing good dialogue

Learning to write good dialogue Writing fiction has many aspects, and the importance of dialog writing cannot be over-estimated. Realistic dialog pulls you right in to a story or dialog, whereas stilted stuff gets rejected after a few lines. You listen to people talk all the time, right? So it should be easy to write…

Writing about a Rocking Friar

Writing is my second profession, I started off with literature, veered off madly, and came right back to writing.

Writing about a Monk Who Rocks
Writing about a Monk Who Rocks

I wish I had some of the verve of this rocking Italian Cappuchin monk though:).