Writing about Poems

Writing poems has always been something to do when I am particularly stressed, as a sort of catharsis, to be purged out of my system and never to be bothered about again.

It is only after writing on a few of Rick Mobbs’ paintings, using them as springboards, that I have had the confidence to let my poetry stand up for itself. Leon Wing has started off a great website which is all about poetry and flash fiction, and has kindly put up the poems I sent him. I have quite a few more lying around, but I am not being too enthusiastic about sending them out. When it comes to poetry, I have always preferred reading rather than writing! (Some would say with good reason, lol)

A good friend has lent me quite a few books, and I am set for a long stint of reading. First on the list are The Gathering and Reef and I am hoping to be surprised and enchanted by both, as they come highly recommended:)

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  1. Ellis Burgess

    Poetry can be cathartic, writing is a source of inspiration and self knowledge, much of which comes from moments of great joy or solemn confusion.. at least that's how it works for me. I like your work.

  2. Anonymous

    Me too… Poetry is what I write when I have to write, so it is very dear to me… I read your poetry, it is beautiful 🙂 !

    ~Mental Mist