Writing about emotions and conversation

I have been writing a fair bit these past few days, and somehow have not made it to my blogs. (Some of my writing exercises have made it to a local web-zine, which is good, specially because I like most of the other writing that has been published there so far).

While writing in the past few days though, I found that all our emotions have precedents, but all of them, really. Everyone, each one of us, goes through similar emotions, it is merely the extent of emotion that differs.
This has taken away for me a bit of their magic, their uniqueness, their unrepeatability and unpredictability and rendered them common, banal, somewhat like a beautiful piece of poetry when the feeling and intent behind it is explained in different words. What I feel at any given moment has been felt by others, will be felt by others, only their reactions would be different from mine.

Depressing. (And as I write it is pouring, the way it pours in Malaysia sometimes. In sheets, sounding like a waterfall….depressing, depressing).

Writing about conversation and emotions
Writing about conversation and emotions

Never mind feelings, then. I want conversations. Conversations like See-Saws, see something one moment, then talk about what the other one saw, vice-versa, and so on. And by “see”, I mean really look, realize the truth behind something, and be able to express it. Deep, soul-wrenching conversations which are addictive and scary at the same time.

Conversation, anyone?

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  1. indigobunting

    I just went to the webzine and loved the pieces. Heartwrenching, the first. And I will now say something utterly superficial and not deep-conversationy at all: What a gorgeous photo of you!

    I am glad you liked the piece, and thanks also for thinking of that photograph as gorgeous:).
    I still need deep conversation, but in the meanwhile a few compliments don’t hurt!

  2. elybessy

    Yesterday I needed conversation, but I was alone, so I got my car and I dropped by my sister.
    Happy time with her and dearest friends, so I filled up my empty spaces. Her teached me some recepies, we talk each other some intimacy stuff until dorbell rang and other two women and their children cheer up the athmoshere.We shared a good meal, a bottlle of good italian wine, we did small talk and we had good laugh.Later I decided to sleep there and come back home the next day. It goes without saying we enjoyed a nice evening all together.

  3. anniegirl1138

    My husband and I engage in most of our deep thought conversations over the newspaper or books or Slash.dot clips.

    Today we covered conspiracy. How there seem to be forces afoot in the world that are readying us for a return to feudalism 21st century style. From the control of the markets, to oil, to the decline of education and creative stifling via copyright.

    Tea, toast and the news of the day are convo starters in our house.

  4. dupmal

    You are asking for a very dangerous and addictive perspective of human emotion.
    “Soul wrenching conversation”. I understand how invaluable it is. Because, i have been in pursuit of it since i have realised i need it.

    Lets begin!