Writing about being blocked

I have written about writer’s block before. I think I’m in the middle of one right now, but I do not believe in writer’s block anymore. So I’m going to power on, go with speed-writing and writing prompts, and just be not blocked. Presently I shall be in full flow, I’m certain:)

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  1. linelarsen

    I think that we take writing and inspiration for granted sometimes. Like any passion (be it your boyfriend, a sports activity or cooking) you need to keep the interest alive.

    Do you ever take your writing to new and exciting places? Do you challenge it? Do you laugh with it and play with it? Do you spend time doing it just because, not constantly working towards a goal and waiting to finish?

    It sounds like I am joking, but I am rather serious.

    Writer’s block is real, but there are many inspiring solutions.

    Sometimes it may help to simply lower your expectations of yourself.

    Thankyou for you comment, you said all the right things at the right time. I did come out with a story through my block, waiting to see if it is any good.

  2. anniegirl1138

    I agree that it is not blocked. Maybe it is exhaustion or the need to think more or simply a sign that more writing muscle is needed to bulk.