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Writing about a Malaysian lakeside vacation

A short flight from KL Friday afternoon and we are in Terrenganu, a quaint Malaysian city. A drive through the city and acres of palm plantations later, we are at our resort by the Lake Kenyir, our balcony overlooking miles of blue and swathes of green. I love it when I get to be at a place where there are more trees than people.

Writing on vacation

Writing while on vacation has to be one of the most enjoyable things on planet earth. I went to Lake Kenyir last weekend, and though the only thing I really managed to write was a letter to my dad, I got a lot of writing done in my head. There is nothing like fresh air,…

Writing about Ruth Rediscovered

I had written a post “Writing about a Ruthless Heart“, and some of you like Darc, Linelarsen, and Annie had left comments. It was meant to be a writing-prompt, I happened on it again, and the rest of it just came to me. It is now on a Malaysian web-zine, and I’m happy it has…

Writing about posting regularly, or not

Lately, I’ve found that writing and reading take up most of my time, and leaves almost none for blogging. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

Good, if the stuff that comes out in my writing is up to scratch. Bad, if it is the opposite.

I guess only the coming weeks and months will tell.