Writing on vacation

Writing while on vacation has to be one of the most enjoyable things on planet earth. I went to Lake Kenyir last weekend, and though the only thing I really managed to write was a letter to my dad, I got a lot of writing done in my head.

There is nothing like fresh air, gorgeous views and dappled sunlight to fire the imagination or resolve knotty plot problems.

It is perhaps a regular rule for the subconscious, first think about a story a lot, then let it go on a back burner and soon enough, if you are lucky, the story will flow of itself.

I’ve been pretty lucky this week.

I went on a fishing trip and on a lake cruise in one of the biggest artificial lakes in Asia, and have come back with my heart full of images and emotions. I jotted down a few things, but now comes the other part.

So far it has not been difficult. To more such easy days this week, amen.

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