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Writing about not writing

When I sit down to write on this blog, I feel a little stifled nowadays.

Some of the events in our world which leave me so angry have no place here because this is not a political blog, nor an activist blog.

Writing Sex Scenes

Writing sex scenes is a tricky thing to do at best. To some writers it comes naturally, to others not so. I’m struggling with a scene in one of my stories, and wondering if I am introducing something into my work I can do without. The problem is I cannot figure out another way of…

Writing about a city in terror

I have lived in Mumbai, and while the city has been under terrorist attack several times, this is the most widespread and brazen attack.

We have friends in Mumbai, and we do not know if all of them are safe.

I am in shock.

Writing in TImes of Terror

I’ve been watching the terror attacks on Mumbai for the last two hours. Mumbai had already been under siege for 10 hours. Dozens of terrorists have attacked Mumbai. Blasts, shootouts, gun battles, fires, hostages—you name it, Mumbai saw it last night. It is still a”live” situation, meaning that hostages are still being held, and shots…

Writing Everyday

I try to stick to writing everyday, on this blog and the other one, or just on my notebook. Anything, anyplace, as long as I write something. I started writing today morning, and this is how I began: (part of a longer story) You must build, shore up your advantage , and take a step…