Writing Sex Scenes

Writing sex scenes is a tricky thing to do at best. To some writers it comes naturally, to others not so.

I’m struggling with a scene in one of my stories, and wondering if I am introducing something into my work I can do without. The problem is I cannot figure out another way of advancing the plot. A sex scene is inevitable, it seems.

The idea is to seem natural, not forced. (Without undue titillation, because I’m not writing erotica, of course.)

And there’s always help available.

In a way, I feel all writing is seduction—-the blurb and the cover design flirts with the readers, drawing them in, persuading them to shell out cash. The writer then proceeds to do whatever he or she can to keep the reader’s interest, and builds up to a climax.

With that in mind, I start on writing the sex scene. My prayer: I hope it fits in seamlessly into the rest of the work, and does not end up somewhere like this.

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  1. Argus Lou

    Damyanti, it’s a great writing exercise to write sex scenes or love scenes. We learn to restrain ourselves and not overdescribe, methinks. We offer merely the essential or representative or symbolic. Not easy, that’s for sure!