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Writing about Hard Work

Someone I was talking to yesterday mentioned that I should include my blogging efforts within the said word count, but I disagree. When I said 1000 words a day, I meant fiction. If I can’t manage that, too bad, but I can’t possibly fill up the gap with all the stuff I write otherwise, my blogs, e-mails and so on.

Writing about horror and self-loathing

I saw this piece , and it was not the incident that shocked me as much as my reaction: This would make a compelling story, was my first thought. Here were people who were committing suicides and killing their own children because they lost jobs, and here I was, mining for a story. Disgusting. For a moment, I really, really hated myself. And despite all the excuses I’m giving myself, (writers borrow from fact to write fiction, and other such crap), I can’t feel good about myself.