Writing about Caring

While writing, it is often too tempting (money, fame etc.) to write about what others want you to, and not about a topic you really care about.

As a freelance writer for articles on the web and magazines, I have at times written articles on topics I did not really care about, and they were some of the most difficult things I’ve ever written.

In his book, “Write is a Verb”, successful author Bill O’Hanlon says:

“At times I have been tempted to write for money, or because someone else had a good idea that I though I could write. It’s always been a mistake. I lose energy somewhere down the line, if I finish it at all, have to drag myself kicking and screaming to the finish line.”

So, have you always written about something you care for? Have there been times when you made yourself write stuff that did not really interest you?

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  1. Debra Young

    I did once, and I promised myself never again. I was paid, but the money was not worth the brain damage I put myself through. d:

  2. hyma

    so true. many times i’ve had to write abt things i not only didnt care about, but wasnt too supportive of, for work. fluff pieces, or just plain hyping up something tht u know isn’t really all that.
    they’re the hardest to write. but i guess someone’s gotta do it.