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Writing, writing, writing

I haven’t been posting here as often, because I’ve been rather stuck with writing. Which is a good thing, because I’m usually stuck “not writing” instead! And I’ve been more regular at my writing blog.

Exercising the writing muscle is not over-rated. If you keep at it everyday when it is hard to get even a sentence out, there will be days when you’re blessed and cannot stop writing.

Writing on Zoe Heller’s Characters

On Pleasant and Unpleasant Characters While writing short stories, I’ve often been told how important it is for readers to empathise with my characters, to root for them or hate them. Here’s an interesting article in the NYT about Zoe Heller’s (the writer of Notes on a Scandal) characters in her new novel “The Believers.”…

Writing about a bookshop

Those that have lived in KL long enough are probably familiar with Skoob Books, but being a relatively fresh expatriate, I only heard about it here. My husband drove me down to the shop, which is not very close to where I live…sigh…and I discovered a perfect treasure trove of books. I went there to…