Writing updates

I did not spend much time writing today. Attended a book launch, met up with people.

In other news, got a poem put up here.

Word count- 0 so far, but am determined to do a few lines before bedtime.

P.S: Did 500 very sleepy words.

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  1. damyantig

    Thanks for stopping by, Cliff.

    Strangely, did not feel very jealous. Somehow the thought of getting published is sort of secondary to becoming a really amazing writer. Well, this will change I guess. I suppose every writer needs to get published to be validated 🙂

    Thanks Darc, it was nice to have it put up.

    Sarah, you are a love, always so encouraging:)

  2. Cliff Burns

    Well hopefully the book launch will get your competitive juices flowing: “If they can get published, so can I!”

    I find envy/jealousy can be a great motivator sometimes…