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Writing, writing on the wall

The writing on the wall is clear. I need to slow down–doctor’s orders.

So the blogs would have to slow down as well.

Keeping in line with that, I think I’ll have to decide days on which I post on each of my blogs. I already have a Monday post on my group blog, so the other three have to have their days and that’s it. Once or twice a week on each, I suppose.

Writing about Pig Tales

I usually pick up books at sales at random, usually based solely on the appeal of their cover. I picked up Pig Tales by Marie Darrieussecq just that way. Here’s what the first line of the back cover says: “…Pig Tales is the dark, comic and erotic story of a young woman who turns into…

Writing about …

I thought I was hitting a blogging block, and I was right.

I am writing about a 1000 words a day, went to the KL International book fair and bought more than a dozen books, and am reading like a maniac. Just about the only thing I cant do is chat, blog, or facebook.

Dunno what to make of this.

Writing a daily writing exercise

For warm-up, I try a writing exercise everyday before I start my work. Usually it has no writing prompts, but some days, I will pick up a word or a picture.

The word that came upon me today is “leaving”. I do not choose the word–I pick a dictionary, point my finger randomly at any word without looking, and just go from there. And then I time myself for 10 minutes and just write, without thought, without grammar, just following my hand with an empty head.