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Writing about Tokyo, Japan- Day 1

The first evening in Shinjuku, we took the subway to the Tokyo station, from there to Yarakucho, and walked out of the station to Ginza, where we met a friend. Metros are convenient, yes, but they are also a complete puzzle for newcomers, all the stations on the station maps are written in Japanese, and the counters look like complicated video game consoles.We had to ask a few people (who spoke only Japanese, of course) before we managed to figure out (with lots of gestures and bows)how to get our tickets. I did manage to get my hands on a English Tokyo Subway Map, and I stuck to that for dear life for the rest of my stay.

Meme : Save Yvonne’s Sight

Hate blog memes, but when Sharon tagged me for this one, it was a more than welcome opportunity to write about Yvonne Foong. I met her at Seksan’s readings, and like most others, at first I only saw a pretty, diminutive girl. It was only when I heard her speak, and realized that the only…