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Donatella Versace on my blog

During my work, I have written about Versace here and also about Donatella—I thought I should provide the links, so interested people can get to the right stuff. I’m not sure this is the sort of info they’re looking for, because usually the searches include the terms “without make-up” and “fake boobs”, but I can’t please everyone, can I ?

Tokyo, Japan- Day 3, Shinjuku and Akihabara

Well, if you’re wondering what that was about, here is some info on the subject under scrutiny: Japanese toilets. Japanese are quite manic about cleanliness and hygiene, which are not necessarily bad things, but you get the picture. Massage? Front? Back? They got it all. Thankfully the one I had at my hotel was less hi-tech, and er…’convenient’! If you’ve seen the video I linked, you know more about their “toilet control panels.” Ahem. Enough said.

An Evening with Dacia Maraini

Dacia Maraini is a stalwart Italian writer, and I was indeed fortunate to be able to get to know her better yesterday evening. This blog is an on-again-off-again affair, and I would have probably not posted today either other than the fact that something Maraini said stuck in my head. “Words pain a writer,” she…