Writing on Daily (w)rite’s Second Anniversary

Tasik Kenyir in Light and Shade
Tasik Kenyir in Light and Shade

Two years ago on this day, I had started this blog full of resolutions.

I would write once a day, I’d said.

But I also knew how ambitious it was, I’m not blog 365 material. I’d admitted:

“For as we bloggers all know, there is something a lot more demanding than the first post, and that is not merely the second post, but also the ambition of daily posts afterwards.”

Two years down the line, this blog is alive, and gets a trickle of visitors each day. Despite an average of merely 9 posts a month. Some months are better than others, of course.

What I really feel thankful for are the people I’ve met due to this blog, and the few but very good blog friends I’ve made. You know who you are.

Traditional thanks giving are in order: so thank you any and all visitors who came here to show your support. I know I’ve not done much to show up for. I can’t promise that will change, because life has become a rather busy rigmarole right now, but there will always be the effort. There would be light and shade, and at least 20 posts a month! (sigh…tall order) And there would be travel posts, mixed up with writing posts, depending on where I go, and what I do.

So, hopefully, I’ll have a third anniversary post, eh, and other anniversaries afterwards? 😀

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. indigobunting

    I’m thrilled you’re still here, even though I seem to have so little time to read/write myself!

  2. damyantig

    Thanks, Darc…I know you’re always around. And I lurk by your blog when I sign into mine. I must start this feed reader thingie…

    Lofter, thanks, and hope you had a good New Year!

  3. DarcKnyt

    I’ve added you to a feed reader, so even if you go quiet for a time, I can come and visit when you return.

    When the rigmarole settles (yeah, right), then blog when you feel you can. Until then … blog when you feel you can. 🙂

    I’m always happy to hear from you.