Writing on writing, not

Just read an old article, but one that makes sense, about writing. I like the way Jessa Crispin thinks.

The following extract is perhaps its most telling paragraph, and the one closest to my heart:

There are people in this strange little world of ours who have romantic notions about being a writer, and that, to them, is much more important than actually writing. This is the order in which people like that think. “How do I get a book deal” comes before “How do I become someone who has something to say?” Writing is an act of ego, but your ego should not be the only part of your personality involved.

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  1. DarcKnyt

    I hope it’s a good sign that I can’t even IMAGINE thinking the way this article describes.

    I know you don’t Darc, just that I know people who do

  2. Kym

    YES! Of course, we all want to be published but, for God’s sake, let’s have something to say.