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Writing at a different venue

It is incredible, the difference a change in venue can make. A while ago, I was struggling with the revision of my story, feeling overwhelmed.

I lugged my computer to a quiet restaurant across the street, no people, no TV, no distractions. Well, there is the internet, but I have learnt to deal with tha

Writing on Writing Prompts

A large percentage of my writing comes from writing exercises and writing prompts. Something about writing at random about nothing at all triggers off various associations which would have never got together had I not let my mind roam free with the prompt its only anchor. Lately, I’ve taken to writing from photographs, most of…

Writing about a Book Buying Binge

Last weekend, for less than 30 USD, I bought the bunch of books you see in the pic. Some would say I should support the writers and buy at the book shops and not at used or rejected book sales. My answer: At these sales I take risks on writers who I would not normally…

On writing scenes

I have been struggling with scenes in a story I’m writing, and yesterday I came upon a checklist that has since proved invaluable. Check it out, it is worth printing and pasting on your desk as you write your scenes. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn StumbleUpon Email WhatsAppfiction writingsceneswriting tips