Going Crazy again at a Book Sale

Yesterday, thanks to my kindly, patient husband, I again got to spend three hours at a book sale. Bought nearly eighty books, some that I have read before, most that I want to read. My Ikea living room showcase is now officially a bookcase. Got a lot of Toni Morrison, some Kingsley Amis, John Updike, a few books on clinical psychology that should come in handy with a few of my stories, an award-winning book on erotic literature, books on Buddhism, and of course, some science fiction and fantasy. Got another copy of Dune, lost the last one when I left my earlier book collection back home. All for about 100 usd.

Am planning to sleep half an hour less each night, that would be 7.5 hours, and dip into a few of the books immediately in that extra half hour. With two jobs from home, a language course, my writing and daily life, it is not going to be easy, but I’m determined to read more than my staple two books a week.

I don’t finish everything I read, sometimes I just skim, but I feel life is too short to waste on books that do not grab me. Unless they come otherwise highly recommended, I drop books half way. I am guilty of a few unfinished books. Sigh.

I’m curious what others are reading and how.

I’m plodding through an Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans, I can only read it in installments. I am reading Patrick Gale’s Notes from an exhibition, and rather enjoying it so far, I have begun on The Hours by Michael Cunningham, and I am determined to finish Mephisto by Klaus Mann.

Between all this reading and other essential activities, not sure when and how I’ll be blogging. But I guess I’ll manage.

Wishing everyone a good week, and Happy Reading and Writing!

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