Writing with a view

Since I’m travelling and the lounge of my hotel has a rather engaging view, it has become my new favorite writing spot. Tree-lined roads, colourful traffic, sloping red roofs, gardens brimming with bougainvilleas, koi pools in the hotel opposite, the sun streaming in from huge side window, comfy chairs, a round wooden table, solitude.

What’s more, I can do both creative and work writing sitting here, the first for any of my writing spots. All the soothing classical music in the background and the endless cups of tea help I suppose.

I wonder what sort of places all those writers write in, those Booker-prize winners, the bestsellers, the mid-list authors, and the writer millionaires (there are a few, for sure).

I will be staying here a few days, so I’m hoping for a few good yarns and bread-and butter articles to emerge, not to forget blog posts!

Happy writing, and I wish all my writing friends the discovery of a good writing spot.

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