Writing from a prompt

As I mentioned before, writing prompts work very well from me. My friend Ee Leen suggested the books 3. a.m Epiphany, and 4 a.m. breakthrough, and both have been fantastic finds in terms of prompting new writing and also, very important, learning the craft of writing.

I like this exercise from 4. a.m Breakthrough, which the author borrowed from someone else:

Write a short scene in which one character reduces another to uncontrollable sobs without touching him or speaking. Take this instruction seriously. The person who causes the other person to sob does not cry or react at all to the sobbing person. 500 words.

A friend tried it, right along with me, and we had two very different, very explosive results. Feel free to use the prompt. If you write something, and if you feel like it, post it on your blog.

I’m using mine for the beginning of a short story, so it will stay offline for the moment.

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