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Work and Writing

A whole day spent working and writing: that is my resolution for the day. After the rather unsettling, rainy days this week, today seems to be a bright day, and I’m hoping it would stay that way. Sunny, so I can talk my notebook and go for a walk, and productive, because I would have written the ending of a draft.

Not Publishing with CCC Press

I’m not publishing with CCC Press. I had almost decided on it last night and had drafted the withdrawal letter. But I wanted to be very sure and was still waiting for some more opinions. But the morning decided me. They have written to me that they’re removing me from the anthology for discussing the…

Should I withdraw my story from the Colonial CCC Press?

I have been agonizing about removing my story from the CCC Press anthology.

It is supposed to be “post-colonial” literature from Singapore, but the behavior of the the CCC Press shows it is stuck in colonial times. They want to retain the right to abridge my work and to continue to publish it not just for one year, but till they decide to let it go out-of-print.

And in the meanwhile, they are going to charge sub-licensing fees to any publisher who decides to publish the story again, including, hypothetically, my own anthology!