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Fight, Fight, Fight! Blogfest

Yesterday I wrote for the Fairy Tale Blogfest, which was quite a challenge. Today it is the turn of the Fight Fight Fight! Blogfest, hosted by J.C. Martin. I have not done much of genre writing which is where most of the fight scenes are, and I did not have it in me to write…

Fairy Tale Blogfest

I’m really late for the Fairy Tale Blogfest hosted by Emily White. This is best described in the Emily’s words: Write in no more than 1000 words a story based on a fairy tale in a genre OTHER than fantasy. You can do horror, suspense, sci-fi, thriller, etc. (romance is okay, but you need to…

Blogfesting away

I think I’ve joined altogether too many Blogfests with nearly colliding deadlines. I posted for one yesterday, after a whole day of travelling and so on, and finished by midnight.

And I’m going to write for at least 2 others before the month ends…phew.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, take a look here. These events are cool, because they’re making me write new stuff, polish up stuff I would have let languish and introducing me to new writers. What more can a green writer ask for?

Word Paint Blogfest

For the Word Paint Blogfest,I decided to pick out a writing exercise on description I had done some time back. It was sitting in a notebook, and I have polished it the best I could in the last hour. But there would be writer’s devils here and there. It is nearly midnight where I am,…