Writing and Agony

I enjoy writing, sometimes; I think that most writers will tell you about the agony of writing more than the joy of writing, but writing is what I was meant to do. ~ Leon Uris

Today is one of those agony days. When writing is anything but enjoyment. But like Uris, I feel writing is what I was meant to do.

So onward march with the pen and the keyboard today , and fight them as they fight me.

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  1. adamdickson

    Writing is a strange business. One day you’re flying, the next you’re cast adrift on an empty page. The thing to do is keep at it, one obstinate word at a time

  2. Gladys Hobson

    Fight the good fight — the pen is mightier than the sword (and all that!)
    Yes, agony at times. That’s when I start nibbling — naughty Gladys! At such times an increase in weight!