Spoilt Betta

Blue Betta Splenden
Blue Siamese

My Blue Betta Splenden would not eat. It spits out the pellets especially formulated for Bettas, which were his favorite, won’t even look at any other type of flake or granule.

My research in books and the internet tells me it is merely spoilt, acting up, and will eat as soon as it is hungry. Bettas can apparently go for weeks without food.

Mine hasn’t eaten in a week now, and looks just a tiny bit smaller, or it is my imagination, maybe. I can’t believe it isn’t hungry. It used to eat up to eight pellets a day (yes, I kept count *blush*) and now it hasn’t eaten any in eight days.

Tomorrow, I go in search of different food types, see what I can tempt him with. Sigh,a  2-inch fish is stringing my along by the nose, and I’m hoping it is indeed stringing me along and not actually sick.

Does anyone else obsess over their pets as I do?

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  1. DarcKnyt

    I do, for one. When I had my dog, she was my child until I had children. I worried over everything and defended her against my ex-wife when I thought it necessary. I lived for her. If she’d done the equivalent (and she did) I’d worry.

    My dog turned her nose up at canned dog food once, and I was told to let her alone, she’d eat when she was hungry enough. The food molded in the bowl four days later and she’d not eaten. I broke down and gave her what she wanted. I never debated food with her after that. With dogs, you can’t change their food often or they become finicky eaters. She ate the same food the rest of her life.

    🙂 Yes, pet owners obsess. You’re not unusual. 🙂