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Booker Buzz and Writing Fast

I have not read “The Finkler Question” yet, but of course it will be in my “to-be-read” pile pretty soon. For the time being, I feel happy listening to the winner, Howard Jacobson talking about his win. I have done my writing for the day, a good 1500 words in about 2 hours of writing…

Apologies and locked out of my account

Last few weeks have not been too good for me, life-wise, and I apologise to Tessa Conte, Francine and Justin—- I signed up for their blogfests but did not participate. Folks, please do not give me skull fractures and broken bones, though I know I quite deserve them! I can only say I wasn’t well,…

Writing about The Piglets at Seksan

Once a month, usually the third Saturday afternoon, folks from the Kuala lumpur publishing world are to be seen hanging out at Seksan, an artist/architect’s tiny gallery. It is fascinating to watch various writers read out their works in front of various backgrounds. The one you see here had been missing for the longest time, but is now back.