Blocked nose, browsing, reading

Lately, my time has been divided equally between stressing over not writing, trying to get my butt off the bed but failing due to swimmy head, and keeping up with whatever life a fever and cold would allow. I know, I know, I have a lot to be thankful for in my life…but excuse me while I gripe (*%$#@#$%)

Well, feel so much better now.

I’ve been trying to browse the blogs from my phone, cos the laptop has defeated me the last few days. I’m loving the posts at Writing at the Crosshairs. Now blogging from the phone has never been one of my list of things to do, but like they say, never say never.

I’ve been reading, not much, cos it gives me a driving headache, but some. The 2010 O.Henry Short Story Prize collection, actually. Not bad: some Alice Munro, Damon Galgut, Annie Proulx…my nose is too blocked to think now, but I’m hoping I did a lot of unconscious absorption….a good reader makes a good writer and all that.

Ok, now excuse me while I go and do what all people with fever, cold and cough do: hack and cough, drink some cough mixture, and pass out. So long, folks.

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