Amlokiblogs is 3 Years Old Today

When I started this blog in 2008, I did not think it would live 3 years.

I hadn’t started creative writing then. Daily writing was an unknown thing. Writers scared me, I worshipped them as beings from some sacred planet, I never thought I could aspire to become one.

Three years down the line I’m not enormously successful, but I have the confidence to step up and call myself a writer, and the sense of commitment to see it through to the end. My end, not that of my writing—I know now that both of those will happen at the same time.

This blog has been witness to my writing life these last few years–a journal, a place to share tips, ask advice, talk about what I read, struggle with writer’s block.

Down the line I’ve met a lot of fellow-writers, all incredibly kind, supportive, and helpful in their comments. You know who you are and a big, virtual hug to each one of you. I never knew a more supportive community than writer-bloggers.

And I’m amazed I have nearly a 100 followers. Never really considered that before.

But I cannot claim to have been an impeccable blogger, my blog has lain silent and untended for stretches. NOT nice.

To do something concrete about it, I’ve decided to do what I should have done long before: post on specific days of the week, with specific themes.

I’m not brilliant at themes, being an organic, visual sort of writer: I never can outline or title a thing till it is done. But I know what I want to blog about this year: Reading, Writing, Revising.

So, starting next week, it would be Reading Mondays, Writing Wednesdays and Friday Revisions.

Reading Mondays would be excerpts/ reviews/ descriptions of the books I’m reading that week.

Writing Wednesdays would be sort of a writing journal/ stuff I’ve learnt/writing advice I need or have read

Friday Revisions would be my revision journal/ tips on revisions/ editing/ proofreading/ what writers love or hate about all of those.

If there is a Blogfest I’m taking part in, the Blogfest will have priority over the topic…would skip the topic post that week, unless I can fit in both.

Well, I will make a start, and this year I want to continue.

I’ve heard said that the best way to stick to a schedule is to declare it to the world, so if I’m slipping I hope y’all feel free to pull me up short and ask me some tough questions! If any of you think any of my themes could use a little work, post your comments. I’ll be grateful.

Here’s to another year of blogging, more posts, more comments, more give-and-take of knowledge and support, and the most important of all, more of the gob-smackingly awesome author-friends.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. Madeleine

    Congratulations on your 3yr blogging anniversary. I agree blogging provides some lovely supportive friends as well as valuable writing feedback. I look forward to seeing your Now Showing Blogfest entry, too :O)

  2. Damyanti

    Thanks everyone, for the wonderful comments!

    I hope to be able to stick to the schedule I've announced, and if I don't, I hope you will all pounce in and ask me why! I need the pressure…:(

  3. Cinette

    You are much braver than I am; I'm not a schedule kind of gal, though I'd like to be.
    Congrats on the third birthday! Looks like you're in for the long haul. That's what you need to get ahead in this business, right? Perseverence.

  4. Elizabeth Mueller

    Well, then, something is in order, girl!!!! Ahem, ready?

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Amlokiblogs! Happy Birthday to you!!!!



    Shame on me! I don't know when my blogs bday is!

    Have a great weekend and thank you for following my blog!!!

    ~Elizabeth 🙂