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A worthwhile post about India

I read this post by Priya and Charles about India, and as an Indian, I found it answers a lot of questions I get asked about my country. My answers are pretty similar. So, if anybody is curious about the fascinating land that is my country, I invite you to read INDIA: WALKING INTO THE JET AGE

Writing Wednesdays: Writing process

Was just talking to good friends (one a writer, another a reader) about the writing process and realised that my first draft involves tricking the monkey mind into focusing long enough to carry the thread of a story. I feel like a mother distracting a small child with shiny toys, so its mouth falls open…

The Sleeping Sister-in-law

Dona wonders why they never find out.

This girl sleeping in the afternoon on the sofa, for example, tired after her long train journey from Darjeeling to Mumbai. She sleeps wrapped in a red saree, a streak of vermillion in the parting of her hair, her small eyes closed, her face cradled in her left arm, her right arm dangling towards the floor, a dozen red glass bangles on her forearm. Her lips move as she dreams, of her new husband perhaps. She’ll never find out before it is too late.

Reading Mondays

Life has picked me up by the scruff of my neck and is having a little fun dragging me around and shaking me about. Which means my blogs have taken a hit. While I’ve been doing a few writing exercises on Daily (w)rite, I have let the schedule here slip a bit. It will slip…

Writing Wednesday..erm, Thursday

Late again for Writing Wednesday scheduled post (all I did yesterday was pack and travel, and pack some more, and read while I travelled) , because life has decided to pick me up and drag me around till I have no breath left to blog. However I did sign up for Nicole’s Bernard Pivot Blogfest,…