A-Z: K is for Kiss or Kill

Kiss or Kill or blood spatter
Kiss or Kill, A-Z Blogging

Writing prompt:Kiss, Kill

Provided by: Marian Allen fellow participant of the A to Z challenge.Visit her!

need prompts for M,  S,  X and Y still….

Genre: Fiction/Flash


A smoke-filled room, strings playing in the background, whisky-soaked breaths–not my scene, not really. But Earl has dragged me out, and in a way I am glad he has. In my bathroom, I have a razor ready. His call made me postpone my plans. Not tonight. Let’s give life another chance.

So here I am, a bald, towering fifty-year-old on a bar-stool, a woman draped around each arm, puckering up for a kiss each. Earl must have taken care of them. They do not look easy, just pretty and blonde in a girl-next-door kind of way. They are slurring over who could have me for the night. No kidding.

“I’d kill for those ladies, bud,” someone yells at me from the back of the room. Not Earl. Come to think of it, where is Earl?

No matter. I’ll follow the ladies to some good time.

Outside, the air hits me in the gut.  I cough, as if stepping into a smoke-filled room, and not the other way around.

“Which one first?” the one on my right arm smiles, raising her eyebrows, trying too hard.

“Kiss or Kill?” I smile back at her.

“You’re funny!”

Not in the least, as it turns out.

Minutes later, I dump the two in my trunk. It is getting boring, how easy this is, how long I’ve been getting away with it. And I still don’t feel a thing.

Now for Earl. He knows me, knew I was with the girls.

Or, maybe not. The razor is the best destination, after all.

I think I’m going back home.


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  1. Nate Wilson

    Ah, the ol’ kiss of death. Haven’t used that one in ages (that the authorities know about, anyway).

    You always keep me guessing. Great stuff.

  2. Andrew Graeme Gould

    Hi, Damyanti. Very spine chilling!
    Here’s the reply I wrote to you on my blog about your request to use my images:
    Thank you, Damyanti. Under those circumstances it would be fine. Looking foward to reading what you write, so please let me know about it.
    (A note for any visitors who read this reply of mine: I’m permitting this, as I know what Damyanti’s purpose is — and she’s asked beforehand…)

  3. K.C. Woolf

    Am I wrong or are your stories getting darker by the day? I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with by the end of the challenge =)

  4. Dafeenah

    Another amazing post! I so did not expect that twist at the end. You always manage to surprise me and I love that.

    For S what about sacrifice or sensai and

    for X xenograft a graft obtained from a member of one species and transplanted to a member of another species.


  5. PencilGirl

    Interesting piece. I can’t say I understood it entirely, but I liked the way you intensified the suspense.. The tension just got tighter and tighter.. 🙂 🙂

  6. Gladys Hobson

    Love the use of twin K’s with opposite options. The mysterious Earl adds an extra dimension to the bizarre scenario. Somehow, I don’t think that guy ‘back home’ will be cutting himself shaving!

    How about Yin and Yang for Y?