Where do you write?

Like I’ve said before, these days I have trouble getting down to write, not just because time is in short supply, but also I’m too exhausted to do anything but lie down or write a blog post whenever I do get the time. Ill health does not help.
But I found that one of the things blocking me (I’ve barely produced 20,000 words the last two months…if I do not include my morning pages and other crap I fill my notebooks with) is the clutter on my desk
From my study window I have an unblocked view of the city, and though it is not the most inspiring of views during the day time…shopping lots distant parks and roads…at night Singapore lights up, and I don’t have much to complain of.
But I don’t see much of  it, because of things stacked on my table. The other day, on the suggestion of my better half, I de-cluttered the table, and it has made a difference. I feel free-er, less burdened, and more inspired to let go and launch into a story! As they say in Feng shui, the Chi is definitely flowing much better.
How and where do you sit and write? What does your writing desk look like?

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