A to Z stories of Life and Death: Cover!

Write a book, and you have to revise it. Even a short, novella-size collection of flash fiction like A to Z stories of Life and Death.

I’m a bit blind with the number of times I’ve read it, so I’ll not talk about revisions, even though today is Revision Friday.

Instead, I’ll leave you with the book cover.

It is designed by the super-talented Marcel Heijnen at www.chemistryteam.com. The image is by Jake Garn Photography , and let me tell you I love all the fashion images done by Jake Garn.

The book should be out on all sorts of e-book retail outlets in the next few weeks, and then the great e-book experiment will begin in earnest. With this e-book, I don’t mean to thumb nose at traditional book publishers–quite the opposite. Read more about the genesis of the book here.

Do you think the cover works? Any words of advice on spreading the word about A to Z stories of Life and Death? I’m an apprentice of creative writing, not talking about myself, which means I’ll need lessons on self-promotion 🙂

I’m waiting to soak up all the advice in the comments!

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  1. Isabella Amaris

    The book sounds really interesting! And I love the cover.

    Hmmmm, from what I can tell, self-promotion can go all the way from having a wonderful blog like yours, to being active on social media, esp twitter, to having a robust backlist of titles for potential readers to discover. Some writers get initial reviews by doing free giveaways on Goodreads or Kindleboards, while soliciting interest from known reviewers. I think the reviews do help to increase visibility in our increasingly saturated online world.

    Hmmmm, there's lots of stuff, really, but since I haven't been experimenting in earnest, I can't say what works for sure. There're a lot of good discussions on self-promotion on blogs by self-publishing 'experts' (that you probably know). Even though their advice can conflict sometimes – whose doesn't?:) – I've found their perspectives really helpful (esp JA Konrath's Newbie's Guide to Publishing, Dean Wesley Smith's blog, and Robin Sullivan at Write2Publish etc).

    Otherwise, all I can say is, word of mouth does the best self-promotion of all:) So I don't think you'll have much to worry about once readers start to discover the book:)

    Congratulations btw for taking the jump into an adventurous new side to publishing:) There're so many changes taking place, it's exciting and scary at the same time. But I think there's lots of freedom and hope in this new world as well, so I'm eager to see whether it takes writers to greater heights than ever before, while revitalising a lot of genres along the way:) Cheers.

  2. Rosalind Adam

    I love that front cover. I was reading a blog the other day that had advice for promoting your novel. I can't find it but as soon as I do I'll send you the link. 🙂

  3. Loree Huebner

    Love the cover.

    I know that Kristen Lamb's blog and book are helpful in platform building.

    "Kristen Lamb is the author of the best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer."

    Her blog is warriorwriters.wordpress.com

    Hope this helps.

  4. scott g.f.bailey

    I have no experience in publishing my own work, so I have no advice about that. But I wanted to say that the cover is gorgeous (I love the colors and shapes), and good luck selling a boatload of ebooks!