I Hate You: Rosso’s Story: Tessa’s Blogfest

Writing for fun is a great way to get the creative writing juices going and I do that with blogfests.  The latest is I Hate You Blogfest at Tessa’s Blurb , and the rules are as follows:

On August 12th, post a story, an excerpt of your work or a poem you’ve written that shows HATE of some form or another – your character hates someone, someone hates your character, or maybe you hate someone/something? 

I’ve broken the first rule, because I did not manage to schedule a post on time. My post will show August 13…though it is still August 12 in half the world! But blogfests are all about fun, and so many of my characters love to hate, that I have enough material, so here’s Rosso’s story, but not all of it, because he is still a work in progress:

He held me up by the ears, my father, just as if I were a giant rabbit at an auction, a rabbit as big as the pig he named me after, Rosso.
But that is not the story.
The story is also not, for example, that my father loved the sound of Italian names, and named his biggest, fattest pig, Rosso, or red, in Italian.
It is also not that my ears grew longer with each hanging, and I grew to be a big, fat, pink man with long pointy ears that drooped when I was afraid. Which was whenever my father was in the room.
The story is that I talked back at my father today, and he a strong man still at sixty, lifted my twenty-eight year old body that weighed 200 pounds, up by the ears, clear off the floor. He then stamped at me and said Sush! just the way he had done all my life, Sush! he said, go and bury your nose in whatever book it came out of, you fat pig! But today I figured I’m as big as him and must be as strong and why can’t I Sush him back?
Which is just what I did. I sushed him and Sushed him, and I felt happy that I was as big as he was, no, bigger, and in the end I sushed him well.
He’s on the floor now, very quiet. Rosso the pig is no longer around, but his offspring flourish in my father’s backyard. I will take him to them.
And that, my friends, is the story.


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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments…and I'm grateful I managed to get across exactly what I was planning to with this story. So my craft has hope 🙂

    Michael, thank you for looking up my book on Goodreads. The book is not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble yet, but I hope to change that within this week, and then have the book on Goodreads. Thank you for your support, I'm humbled by it.

    Tess, so amazing of you to host this…love how much audience it has given me.

  2. Trisha

    Wow, I really loved this – even though it was tragic. Sort of a study in poetic justice, come-uppance, etc.

  3. Michael Offutt

    Hmm I couldn't find your book on Goodreads to mark it as "to read". Are you on Goodreads? If no, I suggest that you get on it. It's a great way to market your books.

  4. Michael Offutt

    I love the voice in which you write. I've never heard of someone being grabbed by the ears like this in your sample…wow. And then to murder him to boot. It's shocking but makes me want to read more.

  5. Tessa Conte

    Yikes!! That's pretty frightening. I love how you made the narrator's voice so disturbingly calm, hardly any emotion at all, yet it's right there beneath the surface.

    *shudders* Brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing!


    ps check in on friday next to find out who won what book!