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Interviewing Talli Roland and Talking to Kelley

 (Today, Kelley at Writtled is hosting my interview about writing process and A to Z Stories of Life and Death. My thanks to Kelley, and hope some of you will come chat with me there!)  Talli Roland needs no introduction to most writer-blogger audiences. Her first novel, The Hating Game, was an Amazon UK best-seller, remaining…

Writing Memories for Your Characters

But nowadays, I’ve begun to indulge in a new activity: writing memories for my characters. Using exercise from the book “Old Friend From Far Away” by Natalie Goldberg, which is all about writing memoirs, I pretend I’m a character, and then write down his/her memories—sense impressions of an event or a particular moment. Writing character memories helps in two ways: getting into the skin of the character, and also generating new material for my WIP.