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Reading, Writing, Dreamstorming

 I’ve been reading like a mad hatter this past two weeks, writing a fair spell, and feeling dizzy as a result. The Rule of Three has exhausted me, and I haven’t even read all the entries for all episodes yet! Today I talk about a drafting technique—Dreamstorming, at Chris Eboch’s blog, and no, this has…

Do You Want to Write Books for Children?

Writing books for kids is no child’s play. It requires a special skill-set to write books that will engage children as well as educate or entertain them. I’ve always been curious about writing for children, and today Chris Eboch shares some of the basics of writing for kids. Take it away, Chris!

Rule of Three Writing Challenge: Renaissance: Concluding Episode

We’re in the concluding week of the Rule of Three! Thanks go out to all the participants who posted such intriguing  stories. I’m now terrified of the judging that lies ahead…. though we’ve divided the judging into various subsections like plot, story, use of prompts, language, use of settings etc. but you guys have made…