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Can You Beat a Writer Mom at Multi-tasking?

I ambush the kids for a hug as they arrive home from school (not easy with teenaged boys). I listen to their stories, then I’m pushing them to do homework. Tonight it’s my turn to cook. While I chop onions and peppers, I’m thinking about my Main Character again. My MC is trying to lose 45 pounds. Part of my research is to lose a little weight myself to know how it feels. So I’m resisting the urge to nibble even while cooking dinner, with my stomach growling. Does this count as multitasking?

Writers, Have You Logged In 10,000 Hours?

 I haven’t been too well these past weeks, not writing or blogging much, but I want to chat with my blog-buddies, not stay mum on the blog, especially after my first rant (against writers) in nearly 4 years of blogging! So, I’m re-posting an old post, because I’m curious…what do we writers think about the…

The Best Advice on Writing I’ve Ever Received

Approaching your work as something you want to sell and not as a slice of your soul changes what you see when you’re reading it. For the better. The results can be the difference between writing that is genuinely good and writing that grabs hold of your reader and takes them for a ride.