Amlokiblogs Turns 4!

When I started this blog on writing, I had no clue I would carry it forward for four years.

It has had its ups and downs, but Amlokiblogs is four years old today, and hoping to continue. Last year I helped host the Rule of Three month-long blogfest, and this April, this blog will co-host the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Thanks to everyone who came by to comment and all the friends I’ve made through this blog, last year felt better than it could have done. Amlokiblogs now has more than 300 followers, but I can say all these followers mostly joined because they genuinely wanted to follow my posts—I’ve never hosted a giveaway for followers etc. (No harm in that, really, but I haven’t done that—just saying)

So another year begins for Amlokiblogs, and all I can hope is that through this blog I’ll learn more as a writer, grow as a person, and make bunches of new friends.

Happy writing, folks, and thanks for dropping by Amlokiblogs!!

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. Nick Wilford

    Happy Birthday! I joined your blog because I'm interested in participating in the A-Z Challenge. Look forward to getting to know you better! 🙂

  2. Lauren Alissa Hunter

    I’m excited about the A-Z blogfest—this will be my first year (I only just learned of it last week) but I am looking forward to the challenge of such consistent blogging, as well as the opportunity to link up with other writers.

  3. Eve

    Hey Damyanti! I got your name from the A-Z challenge blog…congrats on your four years! That's so fantastic..I'm looking forward to the challenge this year..and also looking forward to making heaps of friends!

  4. Damyanti

    Thanks everyone, for your lovely, kind words. Here is the reason I've stuck around—I love my blog family, and their comments!

    Love you all, and thanks you so much!!

  5. Pearson Report

    Happy 4th anniversary, Damyanti!

    It is amazing how fast time flies, even here in Bloggerville!

    I am happy we've gotten to know each other through our co-hosting responsibilities with the upcoming A to Z challenge.

    I wish you continued writing success and Follower growth here at Amlokiblogs!

    Cheers, Jenny @ PEARSON REPORT

  6. DeniseCovey_L'Aussie

    Hi Damyanti! Congratulations on being 4 years old! I'm glad someone's been around longer than me, lol! I've been blogging for over 3 years and apparently 3 years is the age when many bloggers quit. I think you have to find reasons to hang around, and you've done that well. You are so involved and a great person to have in the 'sphere.

    Gee, is it a bit of overkill with the A-Z? I'm seeing so many posts and it's not until April!!! With over 1500 people last year why the promo? Just asking…


  7. Miranda Hardy

    Congrats on blogging for all those years. That is such an accomplishment. I look forward to your posts and participating in the A-Z challenge this year.

  8. Jessica Bell

    Happy anniversary! :o) Nice to meet you by the way, I found you through Matthew MacNish's A-Z post. Looking forward to reading more from you :o)


  9. Bryce Daniels

    Happy Anniversary, Damy! I've enjoyed your blog for the last several months since joining.

    Wish I had found you earlier. You are a great writer and a greater humanitarian!

    Keep on keeping on….Here's to many, many more years in the blogosphere.

  10. Li

    Wow, you're co-hosting the A to Z challenge! That's a lot on your plate :-)) Looking forward to it, and congrats on four years of great writing and blogging.

  11. Angela M.

    Hooray, Happy 4th Anniversary! I'm trying my hand at the A to Z. I have no idea how you guys will manage so many participants, but I have faith 🙂 in whatever you have planned.