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Today’s story starter (in bold red at the beginning of the story below) and picture are from Mina Lobo, and I chose them because they seemed so much in harmony. Here goes the story:

Just a little more love, crooned David Guetta from the battered radio in the workshop, that’s all you need. She sat in the half light coming in from the bay window above the stairs, the lyrics slamming about in her head as she worked on the mannequin. The sky gloomed over the house, overcast, silent.

How had it come to this? Like her mother all those years ago who used to come and hug her on dark, rainy days, she was reduced to longing for a touch that would tell her she wasn’t alone. That this day that followed day held meaning, that the pricks of the needle on her fingers as she created one vintage dress after another were worth more than just the money required for their mortgage, or the fees for her daughter’s music lessons.

This is what he has brought me to, she muttered as Guetta kept crooning the same words over and over again, a cliched suburban wife looking for a ‘little more love’.

She imagined him in another part of town–her husband, beginning to grow bald, soften around the middle, poring over the accounts at his job, his glasses poised at the bridge of his nose.

Would I have married him had I known, she whispered under her breath, her hand picking up pace over the mannequin, that this is what it would come to?

She watched as the first drops of rain pelted the glass window, began to weep their way down and out of sight. I was always alone, even in his arms in those first days, right in the throes of my pleasure. 

She switched off the radio, walked up the stairs and sat herself on the bay window. I’m always alone–you’re each alone though you fall together, she told the raindrops. We’re all alone. The trick is to learn how not to be lonely. 

 She watched as it poured on the houses and trees across her street, hugging herself, rocking to and fro. Just a little more love won’t cut it.

A to Z Stories of Life and Death

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  1. Mina Lobo

    Yay, you used my pic! 🙂

    It's so interesting to see what emerged from another writer as a result of this prompt. It was night time when I took this pic of a storefront from a mom & pop home design store across from my building. I snapped it because that mannequin gave me the heebie-jeebies and it was around Halloween and it seemed creepily perfect. Anyway, where I saw a horror-story waiting to happen, you saw…well, a bit of a horror story too, as it happens. Kudos!

    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks for the reminders – still haven't figured out how to have my Google Account comment id link to my page rather than my profile. Any info on that somewhere in the Blogger Help?

  3. Jocelyn Rish

    Great way to set the atmosphere with the gloomy sky and then the rain finally busting forth just like her frustration.

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,

  4. Al Penwasser

    Good advice to link to the AZ blog, not the profile blog. Many times I go to a link only to find five other blogs. I don't know which one to choose. So, I usually hope for the best and choose the last one which was written. That doesn't always work out though….
    In that case, I use the Magic 8 Ball. Or astrology. And a monkey.

  5. Li

    I like this, Damyanti. As humans, we do struggle with being alone. And I think a lot of people fall into the trap of expecting another to "fill the void" within us. But we have to love and accept ourselves and be comfortable in our skins…it's dangerous to rely on someone else to make us complete.

  6. michelle

    Ah… you know how to capture the mood perfectly… the rain combined with her introspection…
    We DEFINITELY want and need more!

  7. Joanne

    wow – I've been enjoying your stories. You capture a mood perfectly. Very rich. Thanks for co-hosting. I'm having a lot of fun with A to Z.

  8. Cheryl Klarich

    I think she should take gorgeous pictures of her creations and blog about them. Then she would have lots of friends. I just love giving fictional characters advice!!

    Nice writing!!