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So What’s with Writing at Cafés?

In the past few months, I’ve come to the growing realization that the only way to further my WIP is to hit a café. Despite a quiet, cosy study, I can’t produce any fiction at home. I’m annoyed with the amount of money I spend on tea and eating out these days (despite hitting all…

What is Your Novel about?

Novels are never about what they are about; that is, there is always deeper, or more general, significance. The author may not be aware of this till she is pretty far along with it. A novel’s whole pattern is rarely apparent at the outset of writing, or even at the end; that is when the…

What Do Words Mean to You?

“words are not …… facts or things: we need therefore to prise them off the world, to hold them apart from and against it, so that we can realise their inadequacies and arbitrariness, and can relook at the world without blinkers”– John Austin What if words are all you have? What if the world consists…

Don’t Look Out, Look In

If I took a picture of my brain right now, it would show up somewhat like the image on the left.

I’m so confused these days on so many levels, real and fictional, that all I can do is curl up and brood.

No wonder then, that my blog has taken a month-long hiatus, without me knowing anything about it.

I’m tending towards Cesar Millan’s advice to a person who has problems with dog-walking– “When you walk, don’t look out, look in.”