#Performance vs #Happiness: Are You Happy?

Happiness is Internal

When we were kids, our parents applauded when we performed, whether at school, or extra-curricular activities.
I believe that this led to a sort of cycle where our happiness depended on others being happy with us. In order to keep others happy, we do whatever it takes– and this is considered a good thing.

But lately I’ve begun to feel that values like honesty and positivity should take precedence.  They are the only things that bring true happiness, which is, after all, an individual state of mind. Happiness should depend on what is inside you rather than what is going on outside of you.

What does your happiness depend on?


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  1. elroyjones

    Approval and happiness do not necessarily complement one another. We know if we’re meeting our own standards. As a much younger person, I looked for approval, which produced fleeting happiness. As you pointed out, approval generated happiness is a conditioned response. Happiness has come gradually with age and an increasing ability to be in the moment accepting it for what it is. Your introspection is refreshing!

  2. Gladys Hobson

    What is ‘happiness’? Joy? Contentment? Satisfaction? None of these or an abundance of all? Can happiness exist alongside pain? discomfort? strife? sorrow? insecurity? Disappointment? stress? Are some people born with a happy disposition? And always look on the bright side of life? While others are more sensitive to the gloom within daily living? For sure, some people can rejoice in being half-full, while other see the same as being half empty. We are all different and greatly blessed are those that always find happiness within the cut and thrust of daily living.

  3. ERMurray

    So many things make me happy – the gorgeous rural surroundings I live in, my gentle & kind husband, writing – but then as jvonbargen said above, often unhappiness is caused by trying to search for happiness! The cycle you mention is definitely ingrained and hard to break – but I think we can & do. The challenge is maintaining that feeling of inner calm and joy. I love this post – thank you.

  4. Arlee Bird

    I believe true happiness is an internal thing. We can have experiences that might contribute to that happiness and might make us feel good, but those wear off soon after they’ve ended. The basic happiness that comes from within is not easily overcome by bad external things and helps us get through the bad times to face tomorrow.

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  5. jvonbargen

    The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness. We must grow it under our feet!

  6. MPax (@mpax1)

    Being grateful for what you have is a big one for me. We take so much for granted and get caught up in things that don’t really matter. Writing makes me happy.