A Chocolate-free Childhood

What is your Chocolate?
What is your Chocolate?

Taking part in the What’s Your Chocolate Blogfest today.

A frivolous topic, but not so frivolous when I take into account that it is my favorite writing food. Here’s the requirement: Post about your favorite chocolate – what it means to you, where and when you indulge, a favorite memory – anything chocolate-related.

As a child I wasn’t allowed any chocolate– it was banned on account of prevalent sentiments in the household that chocolates meant rotten teeth.

The only chocolates I ever ate were gifts, Cadbury’s milk chocolate from a friend of the family, my favourite Uncle, the one who always showed up with chocolate for the kids, who gave me the same chocolate as part of my wedding gift.

I now eat dark chocolate, no sugar added (need to watch my weight), when I write a particularly cheerless bit– (which is a lot in my current #WIP).

But I still miss those small bars of Cadbury’s milk chocolate, the ones that added sweetness to a childhood that was in dire need of it.

So what is your favorite chocolate, and chocolate memory?

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  1. The Capillary

    I don’t like chocolate actually, but I do remember enjoying a small (the smallest!) bag of Mini Eggs when they came around once a year. Now I’m totally turned off by the year round sale of them. Sad cat.

  2. Arlee Bird

    All of our holidays were always accompanied by chocolate. I probably had too much chocolate as a child if there is such a thing as too much chocolate.

  3. timvansant

    Uncles are like grandparents in that we can spoil the kids and then give them back to their parents. Chocolate as a wedding gift though, I never thought of that.

  4. Lisa Wilton (@ltwilton)

    Ooh! My favourite is Fry’s Turkish Delight. They’re most delicious after spending some time in the fridge, and eaten with a glass of cold, full fat milk. Either that, or some Dairy Milk, served exactly the same way. I could probably eat any kind of chocolate though, I love it! (And before you picture me huge, I’m 5 foot 4 and 8 stone, but I do have to keep active otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to eat as much…)

  5. Melissa Bradley

    I love dark chocolate. I love to dip fruit into a melted pot and I especially love this place, Jill’s Sweets dark chocolate covered blueberry skewer. Mmm…

  6. Robyn Engel

    Sorry you were banned from chocolate as a child, but I think I didn’t really appreciate it that much until my adult years. You’re smart to chose dark chocolate too – a healthy choice. I don’t have a favorite. I like it all.