Mrs. Tan’s Memoir finds a home in “Behind The Shadows”

Behind the Shadows on Amazon

My story based in Singapore, Mrs. Tan’s Memoir, is part of the upcoming anthology of African and Asian short stories Behind the Shadows, edited by Rohini Chowdhury and Zukiswa Wanner, available now on Amazon.  

The collection also includes Penguin-shortlisted author Isabella Morris; Caine Prize-shortlisted writer Lauri Kubuitsile; Singaporean Young Artist Award recipient, Felix Cheong; and emerging Indian writers Rumjhum Biswas, Monideepa Sahu, and Sucharita Dutta-Asane.

I feel honored to be a co-writer in an anthology with authors of this caliber, and hope that my story can hold its own in such distinguished company.

I’ve lived in Singapore, off and on, for quite a few years, but I still do not feel close to its heartbeat. So it gives me added pleasure that a story set in this country found its way into publication. 
Thanks go to Melanie Lee and Dawn Mok who helped check that the setting and the characters were true to Singapore, and gave me beta reads.

I hope the book finds many readers, because during my interaction with its editors, Rohini Chowdhury and Zukiswa Wanner, I’ve only ever found in them a deep and abiding passion for fiction– without which this collection would never have been born.


Rohini Chowdhury writes for both children and adults, and has more than twenty books and several short stories to her credit. She is published in both Hindi and English, and her writing covers a wide spectrum of literary genres including translations, novels, short fiction, comics, and non-fiction. Her most recent publication for children is Gautam Buddha: The Lord of Wisdom, a biography of the Buddha, published by Puffin India. Her most recent translation is that of the widely-acclaimed Hindi novel Tyagpatra by Jainendra, into English, published by Penguin India earlier this year. Her literary interests include translation, mythology, folklore, mathematics and history.


Zukiswa Wanner is the author of three critically-acclaimed novels and her latest novel, Men of the South was shortlisted for Commonwealth Prize for Best Book Africa region. She is the co- author of the Mandela house biography 8115: A Prisoner’s House with award-winning photographer Alf Kumalo. She has also written widely for international and African newspapers, journals, and magazines.

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  1. gautam maitra

    Congratulations!Your talent will take you to the destiny you dreamed! Looking forward to many more feathers.And thanks for being part of WritersOwnHome.

  2. Angela Brown

    Wow. This sounds like an honorable anthology to be a part of. But having read the samples you've provided, I'm not surprised. You have award-winning caliber writing. Wishing this anthology the very best in success 🙂